Neurodiversity-Positive Pragmatics: Real Pictures and Written Scenarios (School Situations)



This is the ultimate no-prep pragmatic language deck for school situations! This neurodiversity-positive deck focuses on building skills to self-advocate, interpret social scenarios, problem solve, and manage emotions, NOT mask neurodiverse traits.

Along with each real picture, it includes discussion questions for each of the following areas:

-Describing and Inferencing (3 questions for each picture)

-Emotions and Coping Skills (3 questions for each picture) -Perspective Taking (3 questions for each picture)

-Self Advocacy (written scenario + 3 questions for each picture)

-Social Problem Solving (3 questions for each picture)

It also includes 5 support cards for each of the above areas, which include tips and tricks on developing each skill.

In total, this mega pragmatics deck includes:

-95 total task cards

-19 real pictures

-19 written scenarios based on the included pictures

-5 separate target area cards for each picture, including 3 prompts each (285 total prompts included)

-5 support cards, included on each page, to guide students and foster discussion

This deck is completely comprehensive and perfect for your all of your social skills students!

About neurodiversity positivity: Neurodiversity positivity is all about building skills while not encouraging masking behaviors. Masking happens when a neurodiverse individual hides their true self in an attempt to “fit in” with a neurotypical world. Examples of pragmatic language goals that encourage masking are: eye contact goals, “appropriate” body language goals, and compliance-based goals. Neurodiversity-positive therapy focuses less on directly altering behavior and more on helping an individual to build self-confidence, interpret social situations, develop skills for coping with difficult emotions, gain a better understanding of themselves in order to advocate for their own needs, and expand conflict resolution skills. Neurodiversity positivity goes beyond neurodiversity acceptance, celebrates the fact that we live in a neurodiverse world, and helps equip neurodiverse individuals with tools to succeed in the real world – without asking them to limit or hide any part of themselves.


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