About Jenn

Hi! My name is Jenn Gethers, and I’m a Speech Language Pathologist based out of sunny Southern California. When COVID started, I was disappointed by the quality of digital materials available for SLPs and started to create my own. Since then, I’ve been sharing my resources with SLPs across the United States and around the globe, hoping to help them keep their students engaged while they practice their skills. I’m also the founder of speecharcade.com, a service that offers a library of digital games alongside pre-made content covering dozens of articulation, language, and pragmatics targets. When I’m not working, I love spending time with Frito (more on her in a minute!), swimming, outdoor cycling, Pelotoning, and spending as much time outside as I can.

About Frito

Frito, the dog featured in Frito Makes a Friend and many of my other resources, is real! She was born in Phuket, Thailand in 2017 (we think) as a street dog. Street dogs, also known as soi dogs, live dangerous and lonely lives – so a Thai-based charity, called the Soi Dog Foundation, rescues them, nurses them back to health, and partners with rescues around the world to give them loving forever homes. Frito was brought to San Diego, California, in 2018, where she met me! Her favorite things include hanging out with her friends, Zoe, Pepper, and Willie; eating chicken; and receiving belly rubs. No matter what we’re doing, Frito is happy to be included!