Mystery Picture Articulation: Football Theme Boom Cards



No-prep, no-print digital articulation cards for speech therapy! Uncover an football-themed mystery image while practicing articulation targets. This football-themed deck includes 56 different mystery pictures for 56 different target sounds/positions! With 9 target words on each page, that’s a total of 504 target words. Great for speech students who love sports or are excited about the Big Game!
The following targets are included:
  • initial b
  • medial b
  • final b
  • initial ch
  • medial ch
  • final ch
  • initial d
  • medial d
  • final d
  • initial f
  • medial f
  • final f
  • initial g
  • medial g
  • final g
  • initial h
  • initial j
  • medial j
  • final j
  • initial k
  • medial k
  • final k
  • initial l
  • medial l
  • final l
  • initial m
  • medial m
  • final m
  • initial n
  • medial n
  • final n
  • initial p
  • medial p
  • final p
  • initial r
  • medial r
  • final r
  • initial s
  • medial s
  • final s
  • initial sh
  • medial sh
  • final sh
  • initial t
  • medial t
  • final t
  • initial th
  • medial th
  • final th
  • initial v
  • medial v
  • final v
  • initial w
  • medial w
  • final w
  • initial z
  • medial z
  • final z
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