Back to School Speech Therapy Resources to Grab During the TPT Sale

August 2, 2022 – Back to School Speech Therapy Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers

It’s back-to-school sale time! πŸŽ‰

It’s Day 1 of the site-wide Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School sale, so I’ve compiled a list of top back to school speech therapy resources on Teachers Pay Teachers as a shopping guide. If you shop on TPT today or tomorrow, make sure you use the code BTS22 at checkout to get up to 25% off.

I’ve organized some favorite TPT resources for back to school into 3 categories in this post: conversation starters, school-themed, and year-round use.

First Up: Conversation Starters πŸ’¬

I like making my first few sessions of the school year super casual and conversation-based (as I know most of us do). I’ve compiled some of my favorite conversation starter resources that’ll help make your early sessions run smoothly! Many of these would also be great as “question of the day” resources throughout the year.

1. Conversation Starter Bundle: 5 Conversation Starter Boom Cards Decks

Author: JGSLP Resources (click to follow)

Includes 5 Boom Cards decks meant to spark conversation! There are 3 question packs (75 questions each) and 2 “all about me” escape room activities in this bundle. Here are the links to everything included individually:

Click Here for the Conversation Starters Boom Cards Bundle (5 Boom Decks)

2. All About Me Boom Cards and PDF Printables

Author: Shine Speech Activities (click to follow)

Includes conversation starters to improve commenting, asking questions, and answering questions during conversations. Conversation prompts has variety of ways to practice conversations, including questions, open response, fill in the blank, and more. This product contains a PDF version, a Boom Cards companion, and an Easel activity! This resource includes multiple ways to practice conversations, including pictures, comments, questions, asking questions, and more.

Next Up: School-Themed 🏫

School-themed products are great year-round, but I especially love them at the beginning of the year because it helps get everyone back into school-mode. Now’s the perfect time to get them at a discount. πŸ€—

1. Neurodiversity-Positive Pragmatics: School Situations Boom Cards Deck

Author: JGSLP Resources (click to follow)

This is one of my personal favorite and most popular Boom Cards decks ever. It is 100 cards (the maximum Boom Cards allows) and includes various social scenarios. Each scenario has a separate tab with prompts for targeting problem solving, describing and inferencing, perspective taking, self advocacy, emotions and coping skills, and figurative language. Because it’s one of the most content-packed decks, it’s also one of the pricier ones, so it’s a great one to get during a sale!


2. School Bus Articulation Activity Boom Cards Bundle

Author: Pep Talk (click to follow)

This is the perfect back-to-school articulation activity! Fill up the school bus with students while working on articulation. Includes S blends, L blends, R blends, Final consonant deletion, 2 syllable, 3 syllable, and 4 syllable words. No prep, no print, easy go-to activity!


3. Back to School Describing Boom Cards

Author: CytrynSpeech (click to follow)

This Describing School Boom deck offers a fun way to help children organize their semantic networks! Help students learn how to use a hierarchy for giving clues. This activity is perfect for early language learners working on describing or categorizing!

There are 20 cards in the deck, each with a hidden school item inside the Mystery Bag. Beside the bag are 3 covered clues describing the specific item inside that bag.

Drag the cover off one clue at a time. Next, read the clue out loud. See how many clues the child needs before they can guess what is hidden inside the bag. Drag the bag off the page, after they guess, to reveal what was hidden inside. Hidden school items are listed in sequential order on the page following the Directions and can be viewed in the deck preview.


4. Following 2 and 3 Step Directions Back to School Boom Cards

Author: CytrynSpeech (click to follow)

Support learning to follow instructions in a way that makes sense, using visualization to follow instructions of increasing length. This resource includes audio for 2 and 3 step instructions, and is well suited for early elementary students.

Includes a total of 24 cards, twelve cards with 2-step instructions and twelve cards with 3-step instructions. Start by guiding your student to visualize the instructions as they hear them. All instructions are auditory. Click on the sound icon in the upper left corner of each card so your student can listen to the names of the objects followed by the instructions.

Each card has a sound icon, 3 monsters and 4 objects at the bottom. Students are directed to give objects to specific monsters or place objects in a specified location. You can repeat the instructions by clicking on the sound icon.

Last But Not Least: Great for Year-Round Useβ˜€οΈ

If you’re looking for materials to use all year long, these are some favorites!

1. Language Escape Room Boom Cards Bundle: Wild West Theme

Author: JGSLP Resources (click to follow)

Target language skills with these fun language escape rooms. In each language escape room, students practice their language skills using real photos. Help students carry their language skills into everyday life! Includes 2 describing-focused language escape rooms and 2 inferencing-focused language escape rooms.

Explore 5 wild west scenes and practice language skills to find clues. Each photo includes 6 questions about about describing or inferencing. At the end of each language activity, students guess the password and escape the language escape room! These wild west language activities are the perfect way to target language skills with your language students working on describing and inferencing.


2. Year-Round Perspective Taking Bundle Boom Cards

Author: Speak and Teach PH (click to follow)

This bundle contains ten (10) Boom Cardsβ„’ decks to target social inferencing and perspective-taking by answering the questions: “What are they thinking?” and “How did you know?”. The child is asked to choose among the three choices on what the character could possibly be thinking. At the bottom of the picture, a text box is provided for the child to answer the question “How did you know?” by providing clues from the picture. Another way to process the child is to ask on what else could the character be possibly be thinking.

Click submit to check if the choice is correct. Only this part has a set of correct answers while the text box is set to be open-ended and the responses should be checked by the therapist or teacher. The choices would show a blue circle when clicked and it will only turn green or red after you hit submit.


Don’t Forget to Leave Reviews Before You Shop

On Teachers Pay Teachers, whenever you leave feedback on a paid resource, you earn TPT credits that you can use like cash on future purchases. So don’t forget to leave feedback on anything you’ve purchased in the past before you shop this site-wide sale!

To leave feedback, just go to the main menu at the top of TPT and click “My Purchases.” You’ll see a “Leave a Review” button next to everything you’ve purchased in the past.

That’s all for now!

Don’t forget to use the code BTS22 at checkout to get the maximum discount! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve filled my cart during a sale, checked out, and then realized I forgot to enter the code. Don’t be like me. 🀣

Happy shopping!!

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