Top Speech Therapy Resources to Grab During the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

May 3, 2022 – JGSLP Speech Therapy Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers

It’s a big day! πŸŽ‰

It’s the Day 1 of the last site-wide Teachers Pay Teachers sale of the year, so I’ve compiled a list of top speech therapy resources on Teachers Pay Teachers as a shopping guide. If you shop on TPT today or tomorrow, make sure you use the code THANKYOU22 at checkout to get up to 25% off.

I’ve also just published 16 new speech therapy Boom Cards escape rooms for language, social skills, and articulation – just in time for you to grab them at major discounts!

I’ve organized those and some other Teachers Pay Teachers products into categories for you in this email to help you make the most of this sale before we have to wait half a year for the next one. 😱

First Up: Biggest SavingsπŸ’°

My biggest trick for buying speech therapy resources on Teachers Pay Teachers without having to sell my house is simple: buy resource bundles when they’re on sale. (…I like big bundles and I cannot lie 🎢…).

Since bundles are typically already discounted, during sale days they’re extra discounted, so they’re definitely the best deals you can get! Here are the biggest money-saving bundles right now:

1. Wild West Speech Therapy Boom Escape Room Mega Bundle (17 Versions)SAVE $31.00

Includes all 17 versions of the Wild West Boom Escape Room Series (including the 16 new ones just published yesterday)! Here’s a summary of the versions included (click the links to view each separate mini-bundle):

2. Neurodiversity Positive Social Skills: School, Community, and Home Situations Boom BundleSAVE $9.70

Includes 3 best-selling Boom Cards decks with 100 cards each (300 total)! The whole bundle is packed full of features including 288 total prompts, 60 real photos, 120 written social scenarios, tip cards for maintaining a neurodiversity-affirming approach, visual support and bonus discussion questions on each page, and more! Here are the 3 included decks (click the links to view each one individually):

2. Spring-Themed Social Skills Boom Cards Escape Room BundleSAVE $10.00

This is a bundle of 4 of my original social skills escape rooms, made back in 2020. Here are the Boom Cards decks included (click the links if you want to look at them individually):

Next Up: Most Popular πŸ†

I know, I know – it’s not a popularity contest. Still, there’s something to be said for products that others have already tried and loved! These are the top-selling and top-reviewed TPT products from my store of all time. Now’s a great time to grab them at a discount. πŸ€—

1. Short Story Boom Cards with Read-Aloud and Comprehension Questions$4.00 $3.20

This Boom Cards deck includes a cute short story (third grade level) about finding puppies in a yard. It includes read aloud audio and reading comprehension questions about narrative structure and story elements.


2. Making Inferences Boom Cards: 50 Real Pictures and 200+ Questions$5.00 $4.00

Includes 50 real photos of situations and 4-5 included questions about each photo, for a total of 234 inferencing questions in the who, what, when, where, why, how format.


3. Problem Identification Premium “Escape the Video Game” Medley Activity$8.00 $6.40

This is a real Super Mario-style video game targeting the oft-forgotten skill: problem identification. Sometimes we jump right into problem solving but forget that some of our students still need help identifying when there is a problem in the real world.

How could you know someone else is upset with you if you don’t first learn how to use your perspective taking skills? Or, how could you know that not paying attention in class today will lead to a problem in 3 months if you don’t know how to use your predicting skills? This game helps students build these necessary skills so that they can get to the next step: solving the problem!

This game itself is stuffed with fun features, like 6 different diverse main characters to choose from, ability to save and come back later, 3 difficulty levels, a satisfying puzzle where students can unlock treasure chests, and printable collectable certificates at the end.

If you like this version, you might also want to check out the other versions of this game (save $1.40 on each during the sale): Social Skills (Various Topics), Elementary Context Clues, Middle/High School Context Clues, Irregular Past Tense, Elementary Multiple Meaning Words, Middle/High School Multiple Meaning Words, Pronouns Version 1, and Pronouns Version 2.


4. Articulation Carnival Games for R, L, R Blends and L Blends (Real Medley Games)$3.00 $2.40

This one is so much fun and it’s absolutely a steal for what you get, especially during the sale! Your students can pick their own team names and mascots and then choose from 3 different realistic carnival games: Lucky Ducks, Pirate Ship Races, and Balloon Darts. The games use real “gravity” effects, making them so much more interesting (e.g. when you throw a dart at a balloon, it acts just like it would in real life)!

This is perfect to have in your back pocket to use over and over.

Last But Not Least: Best for the Seasonβ˜€οΈ

If you’re looking for materials to use before the end of the school year and over the summer, these are my best end-of-year and summer TPT products! β˜€οΈ

1. Ocean Splunko! Interactive Story Building Game for Narrative Structure$3.00 $2.40

Splunko! is an original game series based on a story-building card game I used to play with my dad as a child! In the ocean version, students drop a clam from the top of the screen and watch it bounce around against obstacles (like in the Plinko! game on Price is Right). It eventually settles into place on a character, activity, or setting. Once students go through all three steps and have their 3 story elements, they build their own short story including the character, activity and setting that was chosen!

Ocean Splunko! also comes with 3 different PDF packets: one with printable visual supports, one with worksheets for character, plot, and solution development, and one with blank templates for creating mini-books.

Splunko! is easily adaptable for all different skill levels: to make it more difficult, just run through the steps again to select more characters, settings, or activities to incorporate into the story!


2. Beach Themed Idioms Escape Room Boom Cards$7.00 $5.60

Practice understanding idioms in sentences with this fun beach-themed escape room! Students work their way through various beach-themed landscapes and answer multiple-choice idioms questions in order to find clues. At the end, they will use a hint to unscramble the clues and get the password to escape!

If you like this version, you might also want to check out the Camping Idioms Escape Room.


3. Camping Themed “All About Me” Escape Room$5.00 $4.00

I alway think conversation starter activities are fun both at the beginning and end of the year, and they can be used to target so many language and pragmatic goals! This camping themed conversation starter escape room is a perfect send-off into summer.

If you’re looking for other conversation starters, I also have these age-specific Boom Cards conversation decks: elementary conversation topics, middle school conversation topics, and high school conversation topics.


One Last Thing:

If you’ve wanted to give a mini projector a try for using digital materials during in-person therapy, I just found the best deal on one I’ve ever seen! There’s a 30% off coupon you can apply at checkout, so it comes out to a great price. One caveat: I sent this out to my FB group and email list friends last night and it looks like there are only 5 left… but if you’re lucky, you can still grab one here!

That’s all for now!

Whew – I know that was a lot – but I hope this helps you make the most of the last TPT sale until sometime next school year! If you’re shopping on TPT today and tomorrow, just don’t forget these two things:

  1. Leave reviews on any products you’ve purchased in the past: for each review you leave, you earn TPT credits that you can spend like cash during the sale.
  2. Use the code THANKYOU22 at checkout to get the maximum discount! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve filled my cart during a sale, checked out, and then realized I forgot to enter the code. Don’t be like me. 🀣

Happy shopping!!

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